Ticketing rules and terms for participation in the event

Organizer - Public Interprise (company) Atma LT
Event – webinar "Intuition of Life", January 30-31-February 6th, online (via internet on Zoom platform)
Participant - a person who has purchased a ticket in accordance with the rules of the organizer and is therefore entitled to participate in the event online.
Ticket - a document confirming the right to participate in the event and paid according to the rules and prices set by the organizer
Ticket distribution system - a software system that connects the client (Participant) and the organizer to purchase a ticket by paying money for it.

General provisions
By purchasing a ticket to the Event online, the person makes a transaction between himself / herself and the Organizer, agrees with the Organizer's rules and undertakes duty to comply with them - thus becoming a Participant of the Event. The Organizer undertakes duty to organize the Event for the Participant (s) virtually via internet (www) online.

Ticket purchase procedure
Before purchasing a ticket, the Participant must read and evaluate all the information about the event - does he / she really wishes and have the opportunity and means to participate in this particular event? By purchasing a ticket, the participant at the same time confirms that the content of the event is clear to him, he wants to participate in it online. The participant is responsible for the accurate ant truthful information provided about himself (one of the most common mistakes is an inaccurate email address).

Immediately after purchasing the Ticket (or Tickets), the participant must immediately check all the information - the price, other services ordered during the event (eg: translation). If you do not receive Tickets by e-mail, please contact the Ticket Distribution System or the Organizer immediately.

Subsequently, the participant's claims that do not comply with this Ticket Acquisition Procedure (rules and terms) will be considered unfounded.

Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, so before buying tickets, reconsider whether you will be able to attend the event virtualy, how many and what kind of tickets you need.

The responsibility for ticket forgery lies with the laws of the European Union, International Law and Republic of Lithuania.

The Participant has the right to get back all the money for the ticket (s) if due to the Organizer's fault the event is postponed to the other day and the Participant refuses to participate or the Event is canceled. Money is refunded within 30 calendar days.

If due to force majeure (invincible force) the event or part of it does not take place, the Organizer and the Participant consult each other or have the right to act in accordance with the procedure of the laws of the European Union, international law and the law of Republic of Lithuania provided for in such cases.

Invoice of purchase can be generated and sent to your email by marking a box, filling in your details. If you did not generate, but requesting that service or/and legal details about receiver are wrong in the invoice and you want to correct it, cost of this additional service is 9 Euro.

The Organizer sends the Participant a login link and a code that allows the Participant to start participating in the event on the scheduled date and time.

In order to participate in the Event (both video and audio broadcast online), each Participant must purchase a Ticket. One Ticket is intended for one Participant, therefore other persons may participate using one device, only after purchasing Tickets.

After purchasing the Ticket, the Participant may not pass on the Event link and code to third parties or retransmit the Event.

The Organizer may unilaterally cancel the Ticket and suspend access to the event on the Internet without separate notice if there is a suspicion that the Participant is intoxicated with alcohol, drugs (narcotics) or other psychoactive substances and therefore disturbes the event, and violates the rules set by the Organizer or acts criminally and contrary to public policy. Displays unacceptable images and sounds or unauthorized advertising (or whatever may be accepted as advertising or promotion) in its login window. In this case, the money paid for the Ticket will not be refunded.

The Organizer is not responsible for any disruptions of services during Event caused by other service providers.

The Organizer is not responsible for the quality of the Internet used by the Participant, the quality of the devices and the operation of the software and the ability of participant to use them properly . If recommendations and instructions are sent, the Participant is recommended to study them.

The organizer strongly recommends that the Participant participate in the event online by activating a video camera that will show all together with all other participants, which creates an atmosphere of commonality and completeness, allows more immersion in the purpose of the event, unless the speaker asks to switch it off.

The participant understands that the specified start and break times may be slightly delayed, change and therefore have no claims.

The Participant agrees that the Organizer will film, photograph and make audio recordings during the Event, as well as that the Organizer will use the Participant's photos and video and audio recordings for advertising or other commercial purposes free of charge without separate notice. The Participant is aware that the photos and video and audio recordings will be the property of the Organizer and that the Participant will not be paid for their use.

Audio or video recording of all or part of it is prohibited at this Event, except with the permission of the Organizer. If permission is obtained the record can only be used by the Participant personally / directly. Records may not be transferred to third parties for publicationon social networks, or on video portals, or anywhere else.

The Participant agrees that the personal data provided to the Organizer will be processed and used for direct marketing purposes, as well as for the proper execution of the transaction and communication concluded between the Organizer and the Participant.

A person who has booked tickets for other participants and entered his/her own contact details is responsible for communication  in regards to Event with those to whom they bought the tickets.

The Organizer has the right to change the Ticket prices and their policy for further marketing purposes, except for Tickets that have already been purchased. If the price decreases, the Organizer is not obliged to return the difference between the already purchased Ticket and the reduced price to the Participant.

If the Participant is disabled or has special needs, please contact the Organizer before purchasing a Ticket.

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